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How to choose and register a domain name

Choose and register the best domain name for your businessSelecting a domain name for your website is a crucial step when you want to build an online presence for your company. You should therefore pay attention to the selection process of a domain name as it’s the first step to become successful in the Internet World.

To make it easier for you we have compiled a list of the following steps which will help you pick out and register the best domain name for your business. 

Step-by-step tutorial: how to choose & register a domain name

Step 1: Choosing the best domain name

Make a list of the ideas for your domain name but always remember that you should opt for the keywords that best reflect your company and service or products you provide. We suggest your chosen domain name should not be longer than 4 words.

Step 2: Selecting the best domain extension

domain name extension
Determine what domain extension is best for your business. If you operate only in the UK, the most suitable option is; however if you are a company active in international markets then you should use .com extension.


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 ITC recommendation for UK businesses: Always use or .com as your primary domain name.

Step 3: Checking the availability of your chosen domain name

Free domain name checker
Now you will need to check if your chosen name is available to register. You can also try our Free Domain Name Checker that will show you the investment and the length of time you can register your domain name for.


Step 4: Selecting the registrar

This step is as important as selecting the domain name. It’s essential to remember that domain names at cheap prices aren’t always the best solution for you.

There are many companies which sell domain names at cheap price however they often lack customer support. You should research the company before making the final decision. Here is a short cheat sheet that will help you choose the best company:

Company check cheat sheet

  • Telephone support availability is a must
  • Guaranteed response times (within 24 hours)
  • Opening hours should match yours
  • Customer Reviews/Testimonials

ITC recommend: Go with a company which operates in your area as the response time may vary due to different time zones.

We also recommend choosing a company which registers Domain names as well as providing a web hosting package for your website; this allows you to make changes to your website hosting as and when needed.  You can register the domain with one company and host your website with a different company but this leaves you reliant on the time scales of the domain registrar to make any changes you may need.

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