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How to relocate your IT smoothly when moving office?

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Moving office can be a stressful and costly experience; apart from the practical difficulties of moving, your daily operations may be interrupted, negatively affecting your bottom line. However, it does not have to be chaotic at all if you’ve planned everything carefully in advance, including relocating your IT. Who would know how to  migrate your IT better than your IT support provider who has moved offices 5 times?

Advance planning to minimise disruption

Preparation is key to a successful IT move, that’s why it is a good idea to appoint an specialist to plan and coordinate the relocation of your IT systems. We will know how to move your systems quickly and smoothly as without functioning workstations and servers, or access to email and company data, your productivity would be seriously affected. Not to mention that without working telephone lines and internet connections your business productivity would suffer even more. Please be careful with appointing the right IT engineer as re-connection, reconfiguration and any necessary troubleshooting can take valuable time and cause costly downtime for your business.

Our solution to avoid the above hazards? We would visit the new site as early as possible to check the building layout and existing IT infrastructure. As IT experts, we’ll be also in a position to advise what suppliers and when you should contact to discuss your move.

Take advantage of the opportunity

  • Clear out old files and consider scanning any documents no longer needed in hard copy (remember to dispose of unwanted files securely). You should secure your data is safe, cost-effective, and offers a solution to save costly office space. Why don’t you consider our Online Backup?
  • Consider upgrading hardware. Moving office is an opportunity to update to modern, efficient and space-saving equipment; have a look what upgrades we can offer your business
  • Review existing suppliers – relocating can provide a trigger for renewing/switching supplier contracts on more favorable terms.
  • Finally, dispose of your old IT equipment securely with ITC!

Move day

If the planning process has been conducted properly, moving your IT should take an experienced engineer no more than one day. We would be at the new promises to set up, configure, and test your network and equipment.

ITC Example of Server migration

You can see an example of how we planned and conducted one of our client’s server migration.

If you liked the way how we dealt with Classic Folios’ server migration, call us on 023 8024 9820 to receive advice on relocating your IT systems!





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