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Upgrade your web browser

Changing web browsers with Windows Update

Windows Update message displayed

On March 1st, you’re likely to receive a Microsoft update that may be a little confusing! Once downloading the update, a message will appear giving you the opportunity to change your Internet browser. This update is a result of Microsoft being accused of becoming anti-competitive for bundling their browser (Internet Explorer) with their Windows operating systems.

Due to EU regulations, Microsoft have been asked to present all their users a chance to download and install other web browsers- including Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.


If you do receive this update (click the images to the left for larger screenshots) you have the option of discarding it the keeping your current Internet browser, or changing it.

Choosing your upgrade with Windows Update

Choosing your browser with Windows Update

If you’re currently using Internet Explorer and looking to try out another Internet browser, ITC recommend Mozilla Firefox.
We use it on all our computers and find it stable, easy to use and very customisable. If you’re interested in learning more about Firefox, and the available add-ons, click the links!

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