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Improvements to our payment and ordering process

Our customers may be aware that we are currently in the process of making improvements to our billing, payments and ordering processes.signppost-350x220

We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the best possible service, not only when it comes to support but in other areas such as customer services and invoicing. The improvements we are making are all based upon feedback which we have received over the last 6 months from our Care Plan customers.

Improvement 1: No more proforma invoices


One change requested time and time again was for us to get rid of the proforma invoice system. A good proportion of our customers were struggling to consolidate the proforma invoices/ payments made/ VAT invoices. So, many of you will be very pleased to hear that proforma invoices are no more (from us at least!). Any invoices you receive from the 1st April 2016 will be VAT invoices and this is the only invoice you will receive.


Improvement 2: Direct Debits and instant ordering

Receive that shiny new PC quicker!

Our direct debit system is designed to be convenient, quick and reliable and so we are utilising it to ensure that you get your order faster.

Some valuable feedback we received was about ordering times and we know how time critical some orders are to your business functionality. So as a result, from now direct debit customers will be able to give the go ahead on a proposal and the items will be ordered immediately. This means that, unlike non direct debit customers, you will not have to wait until payment has been received by us until your items are ordered. As a direct debit customer the process will look like this:

  1. Place your order in writing (email is great!)
  2. ITC will start processing your order immediately
  3. You will shortly receive your invoice confirming everything you ordered and the date the payment will be collected
  4. As soon as the configuration and testing has been done we will arrange delivery (please allow 7 – 10 days for delivery on larger hardware orders or project based work)
  5. 14 days after the order date the payment request will be sent to your bank


We are also ensuring that we have stock of our standard ITC PCs and screens; reducing the time from order to install even further.


Improvement 3: Invoice payment reminders

No one likes a nag!

Another thing that many of you mentioned were the ‘annoying’ and ‘intrusive’ invoice payment reminders. These emails were irrelevant for our regular and Care Plan customers but the system automation meant that even if payment had been arranged you were receiving them. We understood and listened: with the new system you will no longer receive invoice payment reminders unless the invoice becomes overdue.


Improvement 4: Payment terms

To facilitate the above changes which you have requested, we needed to standardise our due dates in order to clarify payment terms for both recurring and one time invoices.

As of 1st May our payment terms will be 14 days from the invoice date. So, if your invoice is generated on 1st May payment will be due on 15th of May.

For our direct debit customers: The timeline for your monthly recurring direct debit payments will remain the same: you will receive your monthly invoices on the 1st of the month, the payment will be requested on the 15th and the payment will leave your bank account shortly thereafter. Any invoices created at any time throughout the month will be due 14 days from the invoice date and will be taken via direct debit unless you state otherwise.


We would like to hear your feedback on the improvements we are making and your suggestions for improvements in the future. Contact us


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