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Incorporating IT into your HR Processes

Any time you hire or fire an employee, you’ll most likely need help with things like deleting/creating accounts or migrating data. In this blog post we would like you to realise how closely IT engineers should work with your company HR department.

Delete user account

When employee leaves

When one of our customers, Peter, left the company he had worked for over 3 years, the move unavoidably required our support. First of all, before Peter was sent his P45 the company manager had to remember to change Peter’s account password, or to had Peter’s account deleted, however, it was equally important that Peter’s documents were moved to shared server so that no data was lost with deleting Peter’s account. Another question to ask yourself when losing an employee is what is going to happen to the old employee’s email, should it be forwarded to a colleague?

New employeeSlide 4 New user account setup

Soon after Peter left the company, he was replaced by Stuart, and as a result, the new employee needed a new account on the company systems. Apart from a new systems account, an email account was set up for Stuart, and because Stuart is a member of the sales team the group email account had to be updated too.

If you’re hiring or firing do not forget to create/delete a user account. Any problem? We can help you with any IT task that needs to performed when you’re dealing with personnel changes within your company. Our tel: 023 8024 9820

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