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Insider Tips: Business Broadband

Broadband-internet-solutionsTip 1. Make sure you are using Business Broadband

Over two-thirds of small companies in the UK are on the wrong broadband. Home broadband is great for getting online at home but it is not designed to cope with the demands of running a business.

Business broadband ensures lower contention levels, you will be sharing your line with fewer users than a home broadband line.

Tip 2. Check availability and speeds first

Check service availability and speeds in your area before you sign up to a specific service. You may be promised certain speeds and services but to ensure you are on the right service and not paying over the odds you should check availability in your area before you go ahead with a service.

Tip 3. Always go for Fibre Optic if it is available

There are several different types of internet connection but if you have the option you should always go for Fibre Optic.

Fibre Optic internet is internet that travels via fibre optic cabling, this means it is usually very fast. You may hear fibre being referred to in 2 ways: FTTC and FTTP. FTTC is Fibre To The Cabinet and means the fibre optic cables make it all the way to your nearest data exchange cabinet which can be as close as on your road. FTTP is Fibre To The Property and is much more unusual but it is what it sounds like: fibre optic cabling all the way to your property! You can expect speeds of up to 80mb with FTTC and up to 250mb with FTTP.

Cable internet is also predominantly fibre optic but it is copper cabling for the last part of its journey to your house or business. Copper cabling is considerably slower than fibre optic and your speeds are going to depend heavily on our area.

Traditional telephone line  these connections will only support ADSL meaning the best connection you could expect would be up to 20mb.

Tip 4. Use the right hardware

Make sure you are using the right hardware to get the most out of your broadband connection. Provider supplied hardware is functional but not necessarily the best hardware for the job. We prefer Draytek Routers and Wireless Access Points for their security, reliability and flexibility.

Tip 5. Be aware of contracts

Many business broadband providers want you to sign up to either 3 or 5-year contracts. These contracts are often impenetrable and even if the service is not right for you, they can prevent you from escaping.

Tip 6. Static IP addresses

An IP address is a number assigned to your router and acts as a means of identification. Your IP address is usually dynamic, meaning it changes every time you turn on your router restarts or your connection drops. However, a static IP is different: it doesn’t change even if your connection drops or your router restarts. A static IP means you will get a more reliable connection, the option to use a VPN and less downtime.

ITC’s Business Broadband

Did you know ITC provide Business Broadband? The benefits of our service include:

  • Unlimited bandwidth uploads and downloads
  • Low contention ratio
  • No limiting
  • The best download and upload speeds for your area
  • No contract long term contract!
  • Free static IP address
  • Supports VoIP phones
  • No paperwork; billed with monthly support

For more information about the broadband in your area or ITC’s business broadband then contact us now and we can provide you with a free Broadband Report.

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