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Is your mobile phone at risk to malware?

Mobile devices CAN be affected by malware!

It might be something which you have never considered but it is possible. Our lives are becoming much more mobile based.

I was watching a film when I recognized one of the characters from something but I could not remember who they were or where they were from! To resolve this I reached straight for my mobile phone which contains the IMDB app; it occurred to me later that my laptop was open in front of me and yet I reached for my phone instead without a second thought.

This is a symptom of the lives that many of us are now living, so many people will automatically reach for their mobile phone or tablet rather than their laptop or their desktop, this means that so much more sensitive data is being contained on our mobile devices.

Integral to business

If you lost your phone or tablet today, would it just be an expense or would it endanger to your business? Do your customers or colleagues contact you on your mobile phone? Do you access your emails on your mobile devices? Do you access your bank accounts through anything other than your laptop or desktop?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then it is likely that your mobile devices are integral to your business, to running your life.

How could mobile malware and viruses pose a danger to you?Mobile-Malware1

There are several ways that malware could affect you:

  • Bank account details stolen
  • Private information captured
  • Phone is forced to send infected messages to contacts
  • Phone is forced to send messages to premium numbers
  • Data is deleted
  • The device is ‘bricked’ (made as useful as a brick!)
  • Device could be used as a channel to target others


What can you do to protect yourself?

  1. Make sure the operating system and all software is up to date at all times
  2. Only download apps from reputable sites
  3. Check other user feedback on apps before purchasing
  4. Turn off Bluetooth when you are not using it
  5. Don’t access banking or shopping sites over public WiFi connections


mobile_virus_0Do you need mobile AntiVirus?

Some people do choose to get AntiVirus on their phones and mobile devices. Currently, the chances of your mobile device being compromised is much lower than your PC, laptop or Mac and so the necessity for mobile AntiVirus is not as strong. However, mobile viruses are on the rise and so mobile AntiVirus may be a standard in the future.


If you would like to know more about mobile AntiVirus or how you can further protect yourself from viruses and malware call us now!

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