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Is your small business missing a new iPad mini?

This blog is for those of you who haven’t had a chance yet to find out the benefits of iPad mini for your small business.

iPad vs iPad mini

In a nutshell, while the iPad mini isn’t a “better” model in terms of supporting more applications or letting us witness a huge technological progress, the difference is revealed in its self-explanatory title: a tablet half the size of the existing iPad. In practice, it means that:

+ The iPad mini is light enough for you to effortlessly hold it in one hand;

– However, by reducing the size of the tablet, Apple had to sacrifice the sharp Retina display of the iPad3 model (But to be honest, the pixels aren’t as visible as that on the iPad2, as the screen is smaller).

+ Apart from the Retina display, iPad mini doesn’t lose any of the large-size tablet advantages, e.g. the opportunity to see whole web pages without the need to scroll from side to side. And finally, the iPad mini’s new battery lasts as long as traditional iPads.

To sum up, the iPad mini has got the power of other iPads, but in a smaller size and for less money  (£269 16GB). Please consider that the keyboard of the iPad mini is also smaller, which may be a practical drawback for those of you who type a lot.

iPad mini: a maxi friend of your small business

+ The mini size: the iPad mini is easier to carry around by you and your remote workers.

+ The mini price: the iPad mini is cheaper than the larger-size iPads so your business can reduce its expenses and still benefit from Apple technology.

+ The mini office: the iPad mini, like other iPad models, allows you instant access to your email accounts, and if you run Hosted Exchange or Google Apps for business, then it will also allow you instant access to your Calendar & Contacts while you’re out of the office. We provide both Hosted Exchange and Google Apps for business.

+ Based on iOS6, the iPad mini can also be run in kiosk mode, where it only runs a single application. An example of where this could be useful is to do a market survey, generate an automatic quote, or for self check-in.

If you have any questions about the iPad mini, or would like to talk to us to see if it could improve your productivity, then please contact us.


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