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ITC explore Office 2010

ITC decided to take some time out of their schedule to beta test the new Office 2010 by Microsoft. Replacing Office 2007, it offers many new and exciting features. Some of the features we found most useful were:

    • Co-authoring experience: Enables multiple people to work on the same document at the same time- even if you’re in different locations. Brilliant for editing a letter while getting a colleagues input, or managing an Excel spreadsheet with several departments.
    • Office 2010 Web Apps: A new feature provided by Microsoft similar to Google Apps. They offer a Business and Home edition, allowing you to store Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents on the web, giving friends and colleagues instant access to them. The business edition requires your own server with Sharepoint installed, while the Home just needs Windows Live.
ITC explore Office 2010

Management information through Backstage.

ITC explore Office 2010

Saving your spreadsheet using Windows Live

    • Microsoft Office Backstage:  Although Offices 2010 uses the similar ribbon menu as seen in Office 2007 , the Backstage allows you to complete various tasks, all in one place, such as the ability to save, share, print, and publish. The enhanced Ribbon across Office 2010 applications lets you access commands quickly and customize tabs to personalize the experience to your work style.
Microsoft Backstage on Office 2010

Microsoft Backstage on Office 2010

Microsoft have decided to release a free but limited version of Office (Word and Excel) which comes pre-installed when you purchase a new computer. However, typical pricing for the boxed editions of Office will be around £110 for Home/Student and £240 for Home/Business. If you can live without the CD however, further discounts are available for “Key Card” versions of Office, which would have either been pre-installed or downloaded.

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