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ITC’s predictions for 2018

7 Predictions for 2018


We aren’t using a crystal ball but rather our industry knowledge and evaluation of the last couple of years to make our predictions. We hope that our 7 predictions will help you to make well-informed decisions about your IT in 2018.

The Cloud

We have all heard about the cloud and more of your services than you think are in the cloud. However, we think that by the end of 2018 the vast majority of businesses we work with and meet will be based in the Cloud. More businesses are becoming switched on to its benefits, in particular, the way it supports remote workers.

Data breaches (and fines)

With data breaches being at the forefront of every body’s minds and companies preparing for GDPR in May, we think 2018 will see at least one large UK company to be exposed and fined by the ICO for a serious data breach.

Smart Technology

2017 has seen the rise of ‘Smart Technology’, many of us now have Smart TV’s, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Nest and Smart Lights in our homes and offices. With the price point of these items dropping and the technology becoming more integrated we expect that they will become part of our everyday life in 2o18.

Smart Technology Targeting

Along with the rise in Smart Technology, there will likely be a rise in cyber hack attempts on the Smart Tech. Technology will have to progress quickly to ensure that security is the highest priority for these devices. The biggest threat to small businesses will likely be security cameras.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been a buzz phrase for a long time, there is so much talk about it and what the future looks like in regards to AI but in the world of technology, it looks like 2018 is going to be a very big year for AI and it’s development with machine learning and practical application.

The Internet

Currently, it looks like the landscape of the internet is going to change a lot in 2018. Whether because of new data protection regulations or because of the dissolution of Net Neutrality it’s going to change a lot but we are not sure how it is going to look yet.

Cyber Security Focus

If 2017 brought us cybersecurity events such as WannaCry and the Equifax breach and if this wasn’t enough to convince you to focus on your security cyber security then think of the Cloudflare breach, BADRABBIT,  NoPetya and Cerber. These events will mean that 2018 has a larger cybersecurity focus.


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