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Know what to look for when buying a new computer

Know what to look for when buying a new computerBuying a new computer is like buying a new car. It’s not an easy task and most importantly it’s a long term investment. You need to know what you will use it for – for business, home, for playing the games or just for browsing the internet. Making the right decision requires the knowledge of basic features, components and numbers.

Let’s have a look at the basics you need to look for in every computer.

Laptop or desktop computer?

Do you travel a lot and need to work while on a road? In this case, laptop computer is the right choice for you. It’s flexible and offers freedom to the owner as it can be used anywhere and at any time.

These days both laptop and desktop computers are equally powerful. However, in terms of comfort issues desktop wins over laptop. The screen of desktop is larger than the screen of a laptop and makes it easy for you to use it for long hours as you don’t have to strain your eyes too much.

In terms of price, laptop is more expensive than equivalent desktop computer due to its main advantage – portability. There is also big difference in price for repairs and upgrades where desktop is much cheaper option when it comes to ownership cost.

What do all the strange words and numbers mean?

The most important number to look at when buying a PC is RAM – Random Access Memory. RAM basically means how many tasks/programs your computer can run at the same time without experiencing big slowdowns. It also affects the speed of your PC when starts up and shuts down. Simply said the bigger RAM your computer has, the better.

ITC recommends: RAM = minimum 4GB

HDD – Hard Drive Disk is a storage of your computer. 250GB is plenty for 95% of people unless you are a DJ and a professional Photographer at the same time and you need to store thousands of images, songs, and videos.

ITC recommends: HDD = minimum 250GB

CPU – Central processing unit = the ‘Brain’ of the computer. It’s the speed of the system of your PC which means how fast your computer can run the task/programs. Today’s chips are all very quick unless using lot of graphics. The Golden rule is applied here too = the bigger the CPU the faster multitasking and speedier performance of your PC.

ITC recommends: Dual Core processor

OS – Operating System – Every computer needs to have Operating System to run other programs. The most popular operating system, amongst our customers, is ‘Windows’ but there are others available, such as Linux.

ITC recommends: for Business – Windows 7 Pro

Know what to look for when buying a new computerWhat about MACs?

MacBooks from Apple are creative and therefore great for graphic designers. Buying a MAC is never a cheap option also when it comes to upgrades and repairs. It also uses different operating system – Mac OS X. We therefore highly recommend having a try with MAC before the actual purchase.

Majority of our Small Business customers prefer PC to MAC, but the choice is up to you.

New PC full set up & installation for FREE!

Grab the best deal with us. We can supply any brand or type of computer and if you buy through us we will do all this for FREE:

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We can also set up your PC on-site so once we leave your office you can just continue to work as normal!


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