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Learn from your mistakes: How to clean a keyboard!

This week Charli knocked a whole cup of tea over her Wireless Microsoft Keyboard.

Charli, our Customer Services Manager, managed to spill tea on her keyboard, can learn several important lessons from this:

1. Keep liquids away from electronics

2. Microsoft keyboards are very hardy

3. How to clean a keyboard


The first 2 are pretty self explanatory but the third is what we are going to focus on here.

A guide on how to clean your keyboard

Time estimate: 1 hour

Materials needed: Dirty keyboard, Water, a bowl, lots of kitchen towel, a can of compressed air, washing up liquid, box cutter (or craft knife/ flat head screw driver/ butter knife)

  1. Unplug/ take the batteries out of the keyboard
  2. Get as much liquid out of it as possible – This involves a great deal of kitchen towel and upside down shaking
  3. Turn the keyboard upside down and leave over night (in an airing cupboard if possible)

This might resolve your wet keyboard issue in itself, at this stage you will want to plug it back in and give it a try. If it doesn’t work at all then a new keyboard is in order, but if it does but the keys are sticky or don’t feel right follow the steps below.

  1. Take a picture of your keyboard in its current condition – making sure you can see all of the keys in the photo.

    The tea soaked laptop pre clean.

  2. Take the keyboard apart as much as possible (undo the screws and take the back off)
  3. Pop all of the keys out – using the box cutter (or similar) stick the tip of your implement underneath the key and using a flicking action pop each key off. Be careful not to hurt yourself or to lose any!
  4. Wash any non electrical parts of the keyboard in some washing up liquid bubbly water. You will want to leave them to soak in a bowl/ sink.
  5. Once they have soaked for a while. Fish all of the keys out and let the bubbly water drain away.
  6. Fill up your bowl/ sink with fresh non-bubbly water and dump the keys back in and giving them a rinse.
  7. Get the keys out again. Shake as much water off as possible and pop them in a bowl.
  8. Lay out some kitchen roll
  9. Put all keys on the kitchen roll
  10. One by one dry the keys. More kitchen roll should be employed here in conjunction with the compressed air which is good at blowing any water out of little holes
  11. Put the clean dry keys to one side.

    The process!

  12. Wipe any sticky parts of your keyboard housing and put it back together ready for the keys to be popped in
  13. Bring up the photo of your keyboard and very carefully pop all of the keys back into the correct place.
  14. Leave the keyboard upside down in the airing cupboard over night. If possible do this before you use your keyboard again as it makes sure that it is completely dry and also allows a greater chance for it to work.
  15. Test your keyboard!



Nice clean working keyboard

Disclaimer: ITC are not liable for lost keys or kitchen roll replacement.

If this doesn’t work or you do not have the time to devote to your keyboard we advise contacting us to purchase a new one!

023 8024 9820


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