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Lenovo Superfish Adware leaves security hole

Lenovo preinstalling adware on computers

This week it came to my attention that Lenovo were in trouble for pre-installing adware called Superfish onto their machines before sale. This initially doesn’t seem like a particularly big deal but let me tell you it is. As a person I am particularly security conscious and last year I purchased a band new shiny Lenovo laptop so this piece of information made me panic slightly.
The Superfish Adware is not in itself is not harmful per se, although it is an invasion of privacy as the adware takes information from your computer usage and tailors the adverts that you see in your browser accordingly. However, adware is vulnerable to exploitation and in particular SSL man in the middle intercept meaning that when you access a secure page it isn’t as secure as it appears to be. Not only that but Lenovo have betrayed the implicit trust that comes with purchasing a piece of new equipment.

Free superfish adware checks

However, luckily for our customers (and for me) there is a resolution and we are offering free checks to ensure that your computer is not affected. If you are worried that you computer Lenovo (or not) may be affected by spyware, adware or malware please do not hesitate to get in contact.


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