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Microsoft Announcement: One Drive Storage Limits

OneDriveMicrosoft have announced some changes to OneDrive.

From  July Microsoft will begin reducing the storage for their non-Office365 OneDrive users. These OneDrive users will have their storage reduced from 15GB to 5GB and the 15GB camera roll bonus will also be discontinued.

If the amount of storage in OneDrive is currently under 5GB then you do not have to worry but if you are over 5GB then now is the time to start thinking about alternative option.

Here are a few options which you might like to consider.


So, one of the things which Microsoft are trying to do here is ensure that they can provide a good service to their Office365 customers and also to encourage you to move to Office365. This means that you will have access to 1TB of space included in your Office365 subscription.




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We provide our own online backup solution which allows for 50GB of storage for PCs and 500GB of storage for  servers. For more information on our backup solution please see here.




Google Appsgoogle-apps-authorized-reseller-35x31

Google Apps for Work is a good option because each user can store up to 30GB of content for free. This storage is shared between Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.

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