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Migrate Documents to Windows 7

Migrating all your documents to Windows 7 couldn’t be easier with the Windows 7 Easy Transfer Wizard.
The Easy Transfer Wizard allows you to transfers your files, pictures and music from a computer running Windows XP to Windows 7.  After purchasing your new computer from ITC, you can follow the steps below:

1. On your new Windows 7 computer, click the start button and start typing “transfer your files“. Click the option “Windows Easy Transfer” once it appears in the search area.

2. Click through the welcome screen until you’re given the option of where you wish to save the settings. In this guide, we are using “An external hard disk or USB Flash Drive”. On the next screen select “This is my new computer”.

Selecting "This is my new computer"

Selecting "This is my new computer"

3. Click No asking whether the files have already been saved, and click “I need to install it now” when asked do you need the Easy Transfer Wizard on your old computer.

Installing WET on your old PC

Installing WET on your old PC

4. Select “An external hard disk or USB Flash Drive” from the options again, and wait for the transfer to finish. Once completed disconnect the hard drive safely (look for the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the bottom right) and connect it to your old computer.

5. Find the Easy Transfer file on your Hard Disk/USB Flash Drive and wait for the wizard to load.

Starting the Transfer Wizard

Starting the Transfer Wizard

6. Once loaded, click the “Next” button and then select “An external hard disk or USB Flash Drive”. It will then proceed to scan your computer for the files it can copy (this can take a while- read our favourite Windows 7 features). You can “customise” each account to select which files you wish to transfer. Clicking the “Advanced”  button will allow you to individually select files (for example, your Bookmarks or Favourites and Email settings).

Selecting files with WET

Advanced Settings with Transfer Wizard

7. Click “Save” once complete and password protect the files if you wish. Safely disconnect your hard drive or USB Flash Drive again and reconnect it to the Windows 7 computer.

8. Once going through the process again on your Windows 7 computer, select “Yes” when asked whether the Easy Transfer files have been copied across. Find the Easy Transfer file on your external drive or USB Flash Drive and choose which settings and documents migrate.

9. The transfer may take some time depending on the amount of documents copied. Once the transfer is complete, click the option to “See a list of programs you might want to install” to give you an idea of programs you may need!

If you’re interested in migrating your email across to Windows 7, or looking to purchase a new computer with Windows 7 installed, please contact us.

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