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Do you miss your old Nokia?

The indestructible phone.

The Nokia 3310, you could throw it across the room, the back may come off and the battery and sim card may go skittering across the floor but if you reassemble it works like nothing happened. This is a far reach from exploding Galaxy Notes, bendy iPhones and not quite so waterproof smart phones.

But would you go back?

Would you shirk the smartphone and return to a 3310? Would you miss the fancy capabilities or revel in the simplicity (and Snake)?

Well, the revamped for 2017 Nokia 3310 is just around the corner and it is bringing with it a massive dose of nostalgia.
The Nokia 3310 specs
Cost £35.00 approx
Weight 79.6g
Screen size 2.4 inches
Resolution 240 x 320
Storage 16mb, microSD (up to 32GB)
Camera 2mp

The benefits
Perfect festival or travel phone
3.5mm headphone jack
Old style keyboard
Battery life: 22 hours of talk time and 31 days on standby

The drawbacks
Only 2.5g mobile data compatible
No WiFi connectivity
No touchscreen
Low res screen

Are you going to get the new 3310? Would you use it as your primary phone or just a backup?
Let us know!

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