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Moving office is easy when you know how

Make your move as painless as possible

Moving office can be an exciting, frustrating, busy, stressful time, but with good planning and a bit of support, you can have a smooth move and even use your office move to make improvements.

Checking or finding a new office

moving office

There are some important things to consider when you are thinking of taking on a new office.
  • What are your options for Internet connectivity? You may need to ask the existing tenants, alternatively, you can ask us to check. We will need the postcode and existing phone number of the office.
  • Where will you put the hardware? You need to consider where the data cabinet, server, PCs, router, printers etc will go
  • Where are the electrical sockets and network ports? This is related to the above point!

Planning your move

Before you move into the office there are things you need to plan for!
move planning
  • Set up Internet connection at the new office well in advance
  • Telephony lines – as with the internet you need to arrange the telephone lines well in advance to ensure that you are not left without connectivity. This is also the time to decide if you are going to go with VoIP phones.
  • Provisions for team members to work at home if needed
  • Let existing suppliers know that you are moving – at least 30 days in advance!
  • Now is also the time to replace old equipment – start fresh in your new office
  • Protect your data – plan backup and downtime. Copies of data should be moved separately from each other.
  • Update your companies digital listings – Google/ website
  • Tell your customers
  • Consider partition and cabling changes in the office

During your move

  • Label thoroughly, this includes all cables. Try and keep workstation parts together.
  • Pack carefully: handle like a new born baby. Technology doesn’t like to be moved, in particular: jostled, dropped, kicked, bashed or shunted.

How can we help?


We can:
  • Review your new office with you
  • Arrange service cancellations and relocations or the internet and VoIP services
  • Setup structured cabling for new office
  • Replace your old hardware with new hardware
  • Visit your old office to disassemble label and box hardware
  • Setup hardware in new office
  • Test: connectivity, verify cabling, check phones (and call forwarding), start and test server, emails and printer
  • Reconfigure your router


So, if you would like help or advice on moving offices contact us now on 023 8024 9820 or take advantage of our offer below.


New Office Evaluation for Free

Are you planning on moving office in the next 12 months? Do you want to know if a prospective office is right for you? Need help working out what needs to be done to a new office? Claim your new office evaluation by filling out the contact form below.

Every evaluation is worth up to £100!


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