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My work experience at ITC

This week at ITC we have had a student from a nearby school doing work experience here with us at ITC, we really enjoy teaching valuable new skills to people and Abraham has been enthusiastic to learn. He is here to tell you about his experience!

My week at ITC

Hello, I am Abrahamabraham. I wanted to do Work Experience at ITC because of my interest in information, technology and communications at school. It is one of my aspirations to work in IT and ITC seemed like a place which could provide me with good experience.

As a part of my Work Experience I’ve been with ITC for a week. It was very interesting for me to experience a whole week having an 8 and a half hour working day and stepping into the practical world. However, I expected it to be much more daunting but it isn’t much different from being at school.

Being with ITC for the week was a really good choice! Everyone was very friendly and professional. They were always willing to give me a hand and help me to understand.

On the First day, Monday, I was greeted into the office by Rupert and was given my own desk; which i wasn’t expecting! I had brought with me a task book from my school and had to complete a wide range of tasks and activities for my school and for ITC.

What I enjoyed most

I feel like I have achieve a lot this week but there are a couple of things I really enjoyed. My most enjoyable experience was being able to set-up and create my first professional website using WordPress. This was a more personal project because it was directly related to myself. To do this I had to set up a domain name which was provided by ITC. Doing this gave me a deeper insight and understanding into coding and webdesign.

Another equally important experience was building my own computer. This will surely help me in the future and has improved my knowledge of a computer by a mile.

Lastly, I had an exciting opportunity to visit a local business with one of the technicians, George, and I got to see how to deal with customers in person and make sure everything is up to the high standard of quality that ITC maintains.

Overall this was an amazing week for me and I would recommend it to anyone looking for job or for Work Experience.

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