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All you need to know about the iPad Pro

Apple have released the new iPad Pro and here is the lowdown

1. It comes in 2 sizes

For less portability but more practicality go for the 12.9 inch model. However, if you would prefer being able to put the device neatly in your pocket or handbag then for the 9.7 inch.


2. Highest screen resolution of any iOS deviceipad-mini-retina

12.9 inches – Screen Resolution = 2732 x 2048

9.7 inches – Screen Resolution = 2048 x 1536


3. It has 4 speakers

For some serious surround sound it has a speaker on each corner of the device.


4. 10 hour battery life

No need to worry about it running out of power on that long car ride with 10 hours of life in it.

Disclaimer: Please do not use your iPad whilst driving.


5. It comes in 4 colours ipad-colours

Silver, gold, white and rose.


6. Runway model thin

Both of versions are thinner than the iPhone 6s with the smaller one sitting at 6.1mm thick and the larger at 6.9mm thick.



smart-keyboardSmart Keyboard

A portable keyboard that’s unbelievably thin and doubles as a lightweight and durable iPad cover. Adorned with a Smart Connector, there are no leads, pairing or plugs. Just attach and start typing. Pretty handy!


Apple Pencilapple-pencil

No… not a pen. A pencil!

Apple claim it is “…sensitive to both tilt and pressure, allowing you to create a range of artistic effects. And with its pixel-perfect precision, Apple Pencil opens up new creative possibilities.”


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