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Network security: where is your weak link?

Security is a big deal.

This sounds obvious but many small businesses are neglecting the security of their businesses. This neglect could be for a number of reasons including something which can be a big concern for small business owners; money. However, neglecting the security of your network, even in a small way, could result in costing a great deal more than protecting it in the first place.

How do I know if my network is vulnerable?

When it comes to network security, you cannot claim that your network is secure and protected unless every item connected to the network is secure and protected.

One weak link in the chain can caweaklinkuse the whole thing to come crashing down. So what counts as a weak link? The biggest thing that we see is laptops or PCs in the office which have been added to the network without first checking that they are fully protected by a reliable AntiVirus software, it could be that those machines are not used regularly or that they are owned by ad hoc employees. Allowing unprotected machines to have access to your network means that you are allowing any vulnerability on that machine to have access to your network and therefore all of your other laptops, PCs, portable devices and servers.

In a severe case this could mean that all of your machines are infected and you lose data or your sensitive information is stolen.

What can I do?

There are a few things which you can do to protect your own network.

  • Educate your users
  • Employ a password policy (more information on good password creation here)
  • Remove old user profiles/ email addresses/ machine access
  • Ensure all machines which access the network are trusted and protected

ITC protect your network

Wenetwork security endeavor to support our customers’ network and ensure that network vulnerabilities are reduced. If you are a Care Plan customer we can do all of the above and more, including:

  • Regular security reviews
  • Password reviews
  • User reviews and removal of old users
  • File and folder security support
  • Ensuring all devices on the network are up to date and protected

For more information on becoming a Care Plan customer and our network security policies and protection contact us now!

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