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New process to respond to your IT issues faster

We officially call this October the month of big changes leading to important improvements in our IT support. Over the summer we collected feedback from our
Customer 20131007_115403Satisfaction Survey and from conversations with you so that we know what needs to be improved to provide you the support you want.

“You know my opinion so what are you going to do about it?” – Nigel

Yes Nigel – now we know what you think about our IT support and the same matters to the rest of our clients: You want your issues be addressed and resolved quickly; therefore, we held a meeting to discuss the ways of increasing the efficiency of our support responses and we are already implementing changes to improve the service. Specifically, we’re introducing a process that will aim to provide you a faster response:

1. With the new processes every ticket/call submitted within working hours will be reviewed within an hour and prioritised by importance, i.e. how severely the issue is going to affect the company and whether it’s affecting more than one person. This change will ensure that we are focused on issues causing interruption to client businesses, allowing us to introduce SLAs based on ticket priority rather than the order in which tickets were created. All clients will benefit from a faster response to urgent issues, and lower priority tickets will then be handled as efficiently as possible – no matter whether you email us with an issue to or give us a call on 023 8024 9820

2. What can you do to help us respond to your issues faster? Please provide us detailed information when you email or call us with a problem as it will help us prioritise the most urgent cases. We’ve just written a blog post letting you know what information you should provide us when reporting an issue.

How are we doing?

To monitor whether our improvements are working, please provide us feedback and let us whether you feel we respond to your issue faster. Please remember we’re introducing these changes to provide you as fast a response as we can, but occasionally we face an emergency, for example related to a server crash, and we won’t be able to respond as fast as we want to.

Thank you for reading it and your support!

Rupert and the ITC team 



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As of 3rd April 2018, ITC is now proud to be part of Net Primates incorporating all of the existing products, services, and customers that have previously been supported by ITC.

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