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The average working life span for a computer is 3 years. If you own computers for 60 years of your life and replace them when recommended you will have owned around 20 computers; they may begin to take up quite a bit of space. If you’ve just replaced or retired your old PC but it is currently just sat gathering dust and taking up space then this is the blog post for you.

Ideas for your old computer

Learning or play machine

If your computer is still basically functional then it could be a good tool for learning or playing. If you know someone (an elderly relative maybe) that would like to learn a little more about computers and the internet then an old machine can provide the perfect basis until they are a little more confident and decide they want their own. On the other hand if you have children, they may appreciate having a machine which they can play games, write stories, do homework on or learn to dismantle and this may be preferable to letting them loose with your new shiny computer or buying them their own. Bare in mind that if they are young you may want to oversee all computer play time and/ or disconnect the machine from the internet.


If you have been looking for a particularly cumbersome door-stop to stub your toe on every now and then, then look no further than your old machine.


You could donate it to a good cause. If this is something that you would be interested in then ITC can ensure that all the data on your PC is destroyed but that the machine lives another life helping less privileged schools and colleges (both in this country or abroad) or goes towards the training of socially excluded adults in the community.


If you would prefer your machine to be completely disposed of then we can enable this too. All data on your machine will be wiped using a military grade destruction process so that no information will be retrievable and then your old hardware will be physically destroyed in an environmentally friendly manner.


Contact us now if you would like to discuss anything featured in this article or for more information on how you can reuse, donate or recycle your machine.

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