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Offer: ITC’s PC tune up in action reduces boot time by 60 seconds

You wouldn’t think twice about getting your car, boiler or motorbike serviced regularly, but many people don’t realise your computer needs a service too!

Steve’s PC tune uptune-up

Recently, we had Steve in the office because he was finding that his laptop was running a lot slower than it used to and it was causing considerable frustration. He didn’t want to buy a new laptop but could not stand how slowly his machine was working. We said ‘no problem, we can help!’ and ensured him that our PC tune up service could speed his laptop up considerably and would allow us to identify any underlying issues which may be causing his machine to be running slowly.

By the time Steve’s laptop left our office it was booting a whole 60 seconds faster and running a whole lot smoother. Luckily for Steve there were no underlying issues and it was just a case of providing a little TLC.

ITC are offering you a fixed price tune up

As it is now officially Spring, we thought it would be a good time to offer you a fantastic discount on our PC tune up service so that your PC, laptop or apple machine can have a Spring Clean for less.

Usually our PC tune up service costs £150 but until the 31st April 2015 we are offering it to you for a fixed rate of £100.

The PC tune up includes 18 steps:

1.      Check space available on HDD (hard drive)

2.      Check HDD for physical & logical faults

3.      Check RAM memory usage /upgrade availability

4.      Check RAM memory for physical & logical faults

5.      Clean all internal fans and power supply from dust

6.      Remove all unused temporary files

7.      Remove Internet cache, cookies

8.      Clean & optimise Windows Registry

9.      Optimize start up programs

10.   Download & install latest Windows Updates

11.   Check if Windows Is Set To ‘Update Automatically’

12.   Download & install latest system drivers

13.   Full Virus, Malware and Spyware scan & removal

14.   Full Antivirus scan using our recommended software

15.   Full HDD defragmentation

16.   Update Web Browser and other commonly used software

17.   Optimise Internet Explorer remove unused & annoying toolbars

18.   Measure your system performance before and after to show you how your PC’s performance has improved

Most of these steps can also be done remotely if you would like us to do so!

Call us now to book your PC tune up!

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PC mot & tune up service

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