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Online backup: the best data protection for small business

Online backup for small businesses, one of our services, has recently gained an incredible popularity among our customers. Why? Ann’s hard drive has failed, John‘s laptop has crashed with encryption, Sheila‘s office has been broken into and her computer hardware has been stolen and Jeremy simply didn’t remember to run a backup disk.

Consequently, our customers were in trouble having not backed up their data or doing only onsite backup as they either lost their priceless data or were in danger of losing valuable files. As the majority of you confessed, that gloomy experience made you start using the safest data protection – online backup, the solution we’ve always been recommending to our customers and their small businessesonline backup diagram

Why is Online Backup the safest data protection for your small business?

Every business should implement a backup strategy that combines both onsite and offsite data protections in order not to lose your priceless data. Backing up files and keeping them only at one location such as office is a very common mistake as if you, like Sheila, lose access to your office or you have your laptop stolen you will automatically lose your data too!

John’s computer, for example, as we mentioned in the opening paragraph crashed with encryption last Friday and as John confessed: “I was in deep trouble having not backed up my data and the gloomy prospect of losing several days work”. John was lucky this time as Andrew managed to restore his files. However, not always it is doable. In turn, Lenka was very relieved that she backed up her files offsite and admitted that: ‘online backup saved my life’


Looking at the very unpleasant and stressful situations that happened to John, Lenka, Sheila, Jeremy and Ann, apart from backing up your data on pen drives, DVD/CD/Tapes or hard disks you should always ensure offsite solution – online backup.

Online backup is cost-effective, very easy to use and highly secure!

Online Backup provides a very cost-effective way to protect your valuable information. It works very well for many of our clients because your data is automatically updated, encrypted and backed up without any manual interventions.

You can find more information about our Online Backup, its key benefits, the investment and the discounts we do at our page here.

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