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Outage at the world’s largest registrar, GoDaddy

The world’s largest registrar, GoDaddy experienced problems affecting millions of their customers as all the websites hosted by them were down. This is a proof that even big companies can have problems and there is no security that it won’t happen again as hackers are more likely to attack a big fish rather than a small one.

If you are one of those who suffered from GoDaddy’s outage or know someone who would like some help or would like to look for a more local web hosting company give us a call on 023 8024 982 or email us at

A lesson learnt from the GoDaddy case

When it comes to selecting Web and Email hosting package or registering a domain names always remember the golden rule, ‘you get what you pay for’. We therefore recommend considering the investment carefully as the cheapest hosting plans and domain names are not always the best option.

Selecting the right company to host your website is crucial step as there are many of Hosting & Domain Names providers which sell the hosting packages at cheap price however they often lack customer support.

Here is a short cheat sheet that will help you choose the best company:

Company check cheat sheet

  • Telephone support availability is a must
  • Guaranteed response times (within 24 hours)
  • Opening hours should match yours
  • Customer Reviews/Testimonials


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