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Outdated technology; the enemy of a Small Business

Windows XP has not been supported for over a year and distribution ceased in 2008 but many people are still running this operating system. There are also many other businesses out there who are running their business using outdated technology but the damage this could be causing your small business is notable.

What is outdated technology?winxppro

Any technology that is no longer being supported or in wider use. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Machines running Windows Vista or older
  • Servers running Windows 2003 or older
  • Fax machines



Top 5 reasons using outdated technology is damaging your business.

Reason 1: Security holes

Running on outdated technology leaves you more vulnerable to cyber attack. Between 70% and 80% of malware identified on company machines could be avoided by technology being updated.

Reason 2: Crashes and downtime

Old technology is more likely to ‘crash’ or have downtime because the hardware and software cannot keep up.

Reason 3: Increased costs

Your IT support costs are going to be higher as you will spend money and time resolving issues which could be spent growing and nurturing your business. Each machine running Windows XP in your office could be costing you as much as £542.00 a year.

Reason 4: Not compliant

If you cannot update your software because of the hardware you are running, you could incur a fine by a regulating body’s auditor for running unsupported software.

Reason 5: Decreased productivity

Your team are more likely to be spending time waiting for their computer to ‘work’ or resolving IT issues if they are not working on up to date technology.



Notable mentionemployee-satisfaction

We also think it is important to bare in mind; updating the technology in your office increase productivity and security but it will also increase employee satisfaction. Your team will be less frustrated by having to work around issues, they will feel like you are listening to their concerns and feel rewarded when they receive up to date technology which works!





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