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Is your PC running slow?

Everyone knows the feeling when computer doesn’t work properly and it’s running slow. Remember that low performance of PC affects not only your work but your Business too! Therefore regular maintenance of your PC is inevitable to keep your PC running smoothly and to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Based on ITC customers’ common problems our IT technician Andrew has come up with three PC Cleaning tips that will help to improve your PC performance.

These 3 easy steps will increase your computer’ life, speed and reliability, reduce the cost of maintenance repairs, and most importantly, improve the overall performance of your computer.

3 FREE & EASY STEPS to help you speed up your PC

1. Uninstall all programs you don’t use or no longer need

click on START > Control Panel > Programs – Uninstall a program (or Add or Remove Program for Windows XP Users) > Select a program you want to remove and click Uninstall

pc cleaning tips

Click START > Control Panel

pc cleaning tips

Programs > Uninstall a program

Top Tip! Remove anything you don’t need anymore, and don’t remove anything that includes the word ‘Microsoft’ 🙂

2. Keep your Windows up-to-date and run regular Windows Updates

To allow updates your PC needs to be connected to Internet.

Check your updates: click on START > All Programs > Windows Update

  • If the screen shows ‘No Important Updates available’ your Windows is up-to-date
  • If the screen shows ‘Important or Critical updates available’ click on them and install all of the updates. You may have to restart your computer after the installation is completed. Without restarting your computer most updates will not work.
 pc cleaning tips‘No Important Updates available’  pc cleaning tips Select option ‘Change Settings’

Top Tip!
Set up an Automatic updating – click on ‘Change settings’ and choose ‘Install Updates Automatically’

 pc cleaning tips

Select ‘Install Updates Automatically’


3.  Download and Install CCleaner 

  • It’s a FREE tool that will clean up your PC from temporary files, history, cookies, (as Andrew says, all the ‘rubbish’ you have on your PC but don’t need it).
  • You can download it here (click on download > CCleaner FREE – Download from FileHippo >Download Latest Version)
pc cleaning tipsFileHippo – Download Latest Version


  • Click on ‘Save File’ and follow the steps in installation process. Once the installation has been finished CCleaner will open automatically (if no click on the icon created on desktop).
  • Once opened,  Click on ‘Run cleaner’
pc cleaning tipsSelect ‘Run Cleaner’ pc cleaning tipsSelect option ‘OK’


If you don’t want or have no time to do it yourself all our Computer Care Plans customers have their PCs proactively monitored, fully supported and secured so their computers can run smoothly at all times. Find out here how you and your business could benefit from Computer Care Plan service.

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