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Security Alert: Bad Rabbit

Rise of Bad Rabbit bad rabbit

Bad Rabbit appears to be a Petya/NotPetya cryptoware variant. Masquerading as an Adobe Flash update, Bad Rabbit tricks the user into installing it. Once installed the Malware encrypts files and replaces the Master Boot Record. This disables the device and the user is presented with a request for 0.5 Bitcoins (~£225) in exchange for the decryption of their device.

As with lots of malware software, BadRabbit is spread via infected websites or email attachments. Once a device is infected it also attempts to spread across the local network via a Network Sharing protocol using a dictionary of common/weak credentials.  This differs from other malware like WannaCry because it does not take advantage of an exploit which can be patched, but rather weak username and password combinations on the network.


What can I do?

  • Ensure that your passwords are secure
  • Be aware of odd Adobe Flash Updates or pop ups.
  • Be vigilant when downloading attachments and never download attachments you don’t recognise.
  • Ensure you use an AntiVirus like ITC’s which has live antivirus database updates.


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