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Security Alert: Rise in Phishing Delivery Emails

The latest email phishing trend that we have noticed is from delivery companies… or cybercriminals pretending to be delivery companies!

There are two types of delivery company phishing emails circulating at the moment

Attempted delivery/ Delivery cancellation

An email claiming that a parcel delivery was attempted but that more information is required or the delivery will be cancelled. There will be a link or an attachment that you are supposed to click/ download in order to provide the delivery company with more information.


Delivery tracking

An email providing you with delivery information, supplying you with a link for you to login to your account.


If you click the link or download the attachment or put your email address and password into an unknown website you are making your computer, network, bank accounts, staff information and client data at risk.

This is an issue for home users but it poses a bigger threat to companies.

Many companies receive deliveries to their offices on a regular basis. Often deliveries are urgent or required and so receiving an email declaring that a delivery has been delayed or cancelled is particularly worrying; this may cause the team member processing your emails act quickly without checking the email thoroughly. If the link in the email is clicked or the attachment downloaded then the damage could already be done.

In the light of this, we are recommending that you warn your team of these emails, particularly the people who deal with deliveries and emails.

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