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Security Announcement: AVG to sell customer data

Important security announcement for AVG AntiVirus customers

On the 15th of October AVG updated its privacy policy to state that it may sell ‘non-personal’ customer data to third-party advertisers. This non-personal data includes browsing and search history, advertising IDS, applications which are being used and the internet service provider which is used.

Fortunately, AVG have claimed that there will be no personal identifying information such as names, emails, addresses or payment details in an effort to protect users from being targeted individually.

However, depending on the system they use to anonymise the information, it is possible to de-anonymise data. It is also disconcerting to think that a company who specialise in providing 200 million users with protection are harvesting information with the plan to sell it on, even if they do not go ahead!

If you are currently using AVG and would like to change to an AntiVirus solution which will not sell your data to anyone (personal OR non-personal) get in contact with us now!

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