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Security Flaw: old software is leaving you vulnerable

Unused software on your PC, Mac or mobile device could be leaving your device open to attack.

Software – programs or applications stored on a computer system (PC, Mac, Mobile Device)

A cluttered hard drive is not only slower but when it is full of unused software but it is also full of security flaws. If a piece of software is unused it is unlikely that it is receiving the necessary updates and patches. Software updates and patches are frequently released to plug a security flaw.

Often it has not become public knowledge that there is a security flaw in a program until a patch is released, once a patch is released then the knowledge that there is a flaw is out there and this leaves it open to be exploited for people who haven’t performed the required updates and patches. This means that it is particularly important to ensure that software updates and patches are kept up to date.

However, if you aren’t using a piece of software on your machine it is easy to ignore the prompts to update and most people don’t realise the issues this can cause.

This issue also includes browser plugins and Windows updates.


Particular pieces of software to look out for.

flashFlash Player

Flash Player is one of the browser plugins which probably nags you to update it every time you open your computer up. Stop ignoring it today! Flash Player is not actually needed by many of us anymore so if you don’t need it then uninstall it. However, if you do use it then it has updates and security patches which need to be installed as soon as possible.



This piece of software is now redundant for Windows machines. It is now no longer universally used, it is no longer receiving security patches and 2 critical security flaws have been identified. This needs to be uninstalled from your machine.


Java is another browser plugin which is not needed and needs to be uninstalled.

adobeAdobe Reader/ Acrobat

Many people don’t actually need Adobe Reader/ Acrobat any more. This is, in part, because most browsers include a PDF viewer and there are other free PDF readers on the market which individuals and businesses are opting for. If you don’t use it then lose it!



Web Browsers

You do not need all of the web browsers on your machine. If you only use Chrome then remove IE/ Firefox/ Edge/ Opera/ Safari.


Skype is a great chat client… if you use it. If you don’t use it then you should remove it.




Click here for more information on how to remove programs.

Or if you would like help to identify the programs you should remove – email us now!


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