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Service announcement: Company Care Plans

Priority Support

ITC’s Care Plans are getting a makeover! priority-support-900x900

After over 4 years of providing Care Plans to our customers we are very pleased to announce our new Company Care Plans. Many of our customers currently use our Care Plan system which guarantees them priority support. Our care plans have been revered and have grown and spread over the years but we have been listening to feedback from our customers and a while back decided it was time for a revamp! This change has been in process for many months now and we have been trialing the new care plan system of priority support on our new customers and the response has been very positive. That is why we have decided that it is time to share our exciting new system with the you!

How are our care plans changing?

Well as a care plan customer you will still receive priority support, care and a service that fits you but there are a couple of things that are changing.

The name

Our care plans are now called Company Care Plans! This is because the plan is now more comprehensive, it is designed to ensure that every aspect of your business is supported technically. So rather than purchasing a care plan on a machine/ user basis you will now be ensuring that your whole company is covered (whether there is one of you or many more!).

Less options ensuring you get more!

We now only offer 2 types of care plan but fear not, we have done this in order to give you more freedom and flexibility.

Pre-purchased Banked Hours

Ideal for smaller companies and those who don’t rely on their computers enough to need a monthly support arrangement, our popular Banked Hours Care Plan allows you to receive a discount on your IT support costs by pre-purchasing a block of time, that lasts for 12 months. Banked Hours can also be used by customers with Monthly Care Plans to back up your monthly allowance if you occasionally go over your allocated time.

Invest in Bank hours in sets of 5. These will be recorded on your account and roll over for up to a year. These can be purchased when you need them and investing in banked hours guarantees you save a minimum of 25% on Ad Hoc support.

Monthly Banked Hours

Pay for the average amount of support you actually use, by purchasing a small Billed Monthly number of hours each month which roll forwards for up to 12 months, providing you with a predictable investment in ongoing IT support. We recommend most companies start on 15 minutes per device per month, and review & adjust on a quarterly basis as needed. This option also guarantees that you save 25% on Ad Hoc support with ITC.

Covers remote support and onsite!

Previously, our care plans only covered our technicians providing you with remote support. However, when you invest in technical support hours with us they can be used towards both remote/ telephone and onsite support!

Now our Remote Support Agent includes ITCs recommended Antivirus

All care plan customer must have our Remote Support Agent installed in order to ensure that we are providing you with the best and most efficient support that we can. Our Remote Support Agent allow us to proactively monitor the security, health, updates, and performance of your computers, provide us with the ability to offer instant remote support via screen-sharing, and protect your network and data with award-winning anti virus software.

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I’m a care plan customer what should I do?

We will be contacting all of you to discuss if our new care plan is the best option for you. Of course if you would like to discuss it sooner, call us today!

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As of 3rd April 2018, ITC is now proud to be part of Net Primates incorporating all of the existing products, services, and customers that have previously been supported by ITC.

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