PC MOT & Tune-up

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Our Advanced PC MOT & Tune-up is designed to optimise your small business computers performance and as a result – improve your productivity. It takes us 18 steps to make your systems respond faster by at least 10% but the majority of our clients have seen improvements of up to 40%.

When do you need it? PC healthCheck page 01_23

You definitely need your PC to be cleaned up by us if you noticed that it’s slower than is used to be.
We’ve found that 99% of computer speed ups reveal some kind of problem or update that we’ve completed for you.

After the PC MOT & Tune-up:

Your computer will start faster
Web pages will load more quickly
Files will open without delay
To sum up, you will have a stable and responsive system

How does it work?

Bring your computer to our office and we will carry out a comprehensive 18 step Health Check & Tune-up of your PC’s software and hardware to find and fix any issues within 48 hours.

Once your computer is in our office, we will:

1.      Check space available on HDD (hard drive)

2.      Check HDD for physical & logical faults

3.      Check RAM memory usage /upgrade availability

4.      Check RAM memory for physical & logical faults

5.      Clean all internal fans and power supply from dust

6.      Remove all unused temporary files

7.      Remove Internet cache, cookies

8.      Clean & optimise Windows Registry

9.      Optimize start up programs

10.   Download & install latest Windows Updates

11.   Check if Windows Is Set To ‘Update Automatically’

12.   Download & install latest system drivers

13.   Full Virus, Malware and Spyware scan & removal

14.   Full Antivirus scan using our recommended software

15.   Full HDD defragmentation

16.   Update Web Browser and other commonly used software

17.   Optimise Internet Explorer remove unused & annoying toolbars

18.   Measure your system performance before and after to show you how your PC’s performance has improved

 How much does it cost?

We’ll make your small business computers run up to 40% faster for £150.

Our customers say:

Thank you ITC and your PC MOT for speeding up my computer. I was really amazed at how much the performance of my laptop has improved. I can actually say that it is running like brand new again and I know I can keep using it for the next couple of years at least. Thanks again! 

– Alex Carosi

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