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Small business server 2003 migration to 2011 accomplished

This blog post outlines another case study, where we demonstrated that we know exactly how to improve our customers computer systems and as a result, make your daily routine as smooth as possible.server migration final

In February we accomplished small business server 2003 migration to a new 2011 server for Classic Folios. We conducted the migration in the weekend to ensure the transition wouldn’t disrupt the team’s productivity and they would have instant email access on Monday morning. The transition resulted in the business network being managed on powerful new stable & secure server hardware, giving our customer an excellent reliable platform for the future.

When asked about the migration, Sam said: “Rupert, thank you for the very successful and very smooth transition – although I had every confidence in you!”

What was the problem?

Classic Folios’ old server was in its 5th year of service, and from both a capacity and age of components perspective was approaching the time when it needed to be replaced. The system no longer had the resources available to support the continual growth of Classic Folios as over the last year we’ve experienced disk space issues with both the available storage on the server and the associated tape-backup device that originally came with the server.

Our solution: migration to a new 2011 server

Classic Folios asked ITC for advice and we both decided to install a replacement server over before any serious problems would affect the old server and we promised to plan and carry out a migration without any significant downtime for the business.

3-stage server migration process

The server migration was a 3-stage process and the reason we used this method was to minimise any disruption to Classic Folios’ network.

Stage 1:

The first stage was to bring in a temporary server which we connected to Classic Folios’ network to create a snapshot of everything the current server did, except for the actual data.

Stage 2

The second stage was carried out in our office, and was where we assembled & tested the server hardware by actually connecting the new server to the temporary server we had created earlier.

Stage 3

The third stage was where we connected the new server to Classic Folios’ network, and migrated all of the documents, mailboxes, and any other data from the old server.

If like Classic Folios, your existing server is approaching the end of its life and you would like to talk about the possibility to migrate to a new server we’d be happy to help:


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