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Spam and everything you must know about it!

Stop Spam GuideThere is no doubt that spam has increasingly become a problem on the Internet and almost every mailbox is affected by spam emails.

Read our article and find out what spam really is, how it can affect you and your business and what you should do to protect your mailbox from spam.

What is Spam?

Spam represents any form of unwanted online communication, with email being the most common form. Spam, also called junk, emails are simply emails you did not ask for and these emails are sent in bulk to target a large group of people.

The cost involved is one of the main advantages for spammers as spam emails are very cheap to send but on the other side they are ‘expensive’ to receive.

Different types of spam emails

The most common aim of a spam email is usually to sell you a product and/or service, however, apart from advertising emails you can also receive different spam messages such as:

  • Political emails
  • Charity messages
  • Financial fraud
  • Ads for pornographic web sites
  • Spam email containing malware that can affect your PC or files

How did spammers get my email address?

Spammers collect emails addresses using various sources:

  • Buying the emails addresses in bulk from companies
  • Searching the web (websites, social media profiles, etc.)
  • Or even guessing the emails addresses

How do spam emails affect me and my business?

If you think that spam emails in your mailbox don’t affect you or your business at all you are wrong. The following 2 statements will change your mind about spam and its possible effects.

Spam decreases your productivity!

  • Going through your mailbox every morning is a must but going through hundreds of emails which more than 50% of them is spam and deleting them is time-wasting!

ITC case: Only 30% of all emails we receive are clean and the rest is junk! However, thanks to our filtering service only these clean emails have the right to enter our mailboxes.

  • The group of spam messages that contains viruses can be very harmful.  The viruses can affect the performance of your PC or, even worse, can steal valuable information from your computer. You can’t do much with a slow PC or with a broken PC, can you?!


Spam costs you and your business money!

  • Surprised? Yes, it’s true that spam costs you money. Statistics show that spam can cost a small business with up to 10 employees as much as £1,472* a year. If you don’t believe us you can check how much Spam cost your business with a help of our Spam Cost Calculator


  • Fixing infected PC’s or replacing broken PC’s will cost you money too and it’s definitely not a small investment!


  • Your PC can be affected without your knowledge and you can pass viruses through emails to your colleagues, customers, potential clients or friends. Do you still think that potential clients would like to do a business with someone who sent them viruses?


  • Remember that spam emails take up physical storage such as bandwidth and disk space

How to avoid getting spam emails


  • Avoid opening suspicious emails and clicking on the links inside
  • Never reply to spam emails – Once you reply a spammer will know that the email address is connected to an active user and your mailbox will be packed with spam in seconds!
  • Use secondary email addresses for Newsletters, buying online, or when you comment on posts, forums etc.
  • Be careful when giving out your main email address and always check the website’s privacy policy. When filling out any form pay attention to small writing at the bottom and to pre-ticked boxes.
  • Use a web contact form on your website rather than revealing your main email address
  • Filter your emails – Spam emails can be filtered in 2 ways, on the server before you retrieve them (server-side), or by your email program after you have downloaded them (client-side). The key benefit of server-side filtering is that only clean email messages get into your mailbox! Client-side filtering is less efficient as it relies on software rules which need to be installed on every device you use to check emails such as phone, computer, tablet, netbook.

Advanced Spam Filtering service from ITC

At ITC, we have our own dedicated spam filtering server. It means that spam is filtered off-site and only clean emails will be passed through to your mailbox, thus saving on your bandwidth as well as your time and money.

Learn more about our Advanced Spam Protection service here!

Key benefits

  • Off-site filtering – no need to download any software and only clean emails enter your mailbox
  • On-going protection from latest viruses, malware and spam related emails
  • Easy to manage – Just with one click emails can be recovered & delivered within the 14 days period; black/white listing option
  • Daily Spam report which lists any email caught as spam, providing you with one-click ability to white-list, deliver or delete emails
  • It covers everyone on your domain name

The reasons to buy from us

The investment for our Advanced spam filtering service is £2 per mailbox per month which includes

spam Solving your Spam issues immediately – the same day you sign up for Advanced Spam Filtering service! Call us now on 023 8024 9820
spam Free set up – no hassle as we will set up everything for you
spam 1 multi-system license per company
spam 1 month rolling contract – no commitments
spam Professional Service – Our helpful technicians will support you at all times!


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*Estimated for a small company with 10 employees and input figures were adjusted to reflect a small company in the UK.

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