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Spam Decrease: Are the spammers giving up?

Does it sometimes feel like you receive more spam than anything else in your inbox?

Well, despite this it appears that the percentage of emails that are classified as junk has dropped to only 52.7% of all email traffic. Considering that in June 2009 it was found that an incredible 90% of emails were spam.

However, there could be a couple of factors which are contributing to the reduced amounts of spam.

Less emails are being sentspam

In June 2009, when 90% of emails were spam, a massive 6.3 trillion emails were sent in comparison to June 2015 when ‘only’ 704 billion emails were sent. It could be that people are favoring instant messaging services, phone calls and text messaging to communicate more now considering the instant access nature of having a mobile phone.

Spammers are getting smarter

There is no denying that we have seen a rise in social engineering based scams and email spoofing over the last couple of years. This could mean that spammers have actually found that a few well placed dodgy emails are better than a few thousand shots in the dark. This is especially important to note as spam protection has improved hugely over the last few years to cope with the volume and variation in spam emails and so a spam email is even less likely to make it into an unsuspecting victim’s email box.

Standard server spam defenses are better

A lot of spam is being stopped by the outgoing server before the spam can reach the incoming server meaning that the presence of a spam message isn’t being recorded.

So are the spammers giving up?

Unfortunately, I don’t think so. I think it is much more likely that they are just being smarter with their ploys to part people from their hard earned cash.


What should I be aware of?infected-emails

Ransomware is up by 35% which means that cyber criminals are using encryption as a weapon.

Spear-phishing (targeted phishing) is up by 55%

Mobile phone and social media threats including fake offers, fake apps and manual sharing.

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