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Start button missing in Windows 8 – Microsoft mistake?

In one of our latest blog posts we’ve collected the biggest Microsoft’s mistakes; Tony, our customer, read the post and asked us one day: “Don’t you think a Start button and menu missing in Windows 8 is a huge Microsoft flop too?”

We totally agree with Tony and decided to write a new blog post about the consequences of the Start button missing  in Windows 8 as a continuation of our blog post about Microsoft mistakes.










We wonder how many of you booted up Windows 8 for the first time, navigated your way to the Desktop, and now started wondering: “Where did Microsoft put the Start button and menu?” For some reason, Microsoft decided that Windows 8 was better without a Start button and menu, instead forcing mouse-and-keyboard users to try and interact with the difficult at points Windows 8 Start screen.

When Windows 8 users called the lack of a Start button the worst move since releasing Vista, Microsoft started to plan to fix the mistake and bring back the Start button in Windows 8.1 later this year.

What do you think about the missing Start button and Windows 8 in general? Tell us!


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