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Technology and efficiency: give your team a boost

Is technology the key to productivity and efficiency?

We think that it can certainly help! Utilising technology is increasingly important if you want to get ahead in business. As a small team ourselves, we use technology to improve and facilitate efficiency. Based on our own experiences and through working with customers we have put together a selection of the technology and the tools to implement if you want to give your team’s efficiency a boost.

The Technology: Instant messagingInstant-Messaging

Why should my team instant message?

The biggest benefit of instant messaging is in the name, it’s instant!

If you have an urgent question, if you need information quickly or if you need to talk to more than one person at once then instant messaging is much more efficient than emailing. Time devoted to writing emails is often excessive. There is also a crowd sourcing element to instant messaging, you have one sphere where you can vent your ideas or ask a question but it will reach many people whereas your email may only reach one person and there is no guarantee that they will be the right person to ask.

The Tools: Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype

  • Google Hangouts: Accessible – there are not many people without a Google account. This is a particularly good option if your whole team is using Google Apps for Work.
  • Slack: Contextual search – search across entire team achives, within documents, files or images and filter results by recency, relevancy, person and more. You can also easily see when you have been mentioned should someone want to grab your attention.
  • Skype: Oldie but a goodie – Skype has been around for a while now and it’s usefulness as an instant messaging and video conferencing tool has not diminished.


The Technology: Video conferencing

Why should we be using video conferencing?

The answer is simple: consistent collaboration and input.

The biggest benefit of video conferencing is that it allows offsite workers to participate in meetings. Do you have a work in progress meeting every week? Or a 15 minute catch up every morning? Maybe, sometimes, it is a little lack luster or lacking in information because people are working from home, working abroad or the like? That becomes less of a problem when you integrate video conferencing with your normal daily routines.

The Tools: Skype, Google Hangouts.


The Technology: Digital documentation

How will going paperless help me?

  • Documents will be readily accessible by any member of the team.
  • Space saving.
  • No more riffling through piles of paper on your desk or in your draw for that one important document.

Going paperless can be quite a scary move for some companies. However, in this technological age it is easier than ever. Many invoices and correspondences are now digital. Rather than printing out all of your invoices and storing them in gigantic lever arch files, why not save them as a PDF and store them on your file server. Rather than processing post and paperwork manually and it getting passed around or lost or stuffed in a draw, why not scan it with a document scanner and email it to a colleague who needs to see it.

The Tools: A document scanner, a backup solution


The Technology: New WorkstationsWP_20150507_16_11_07_Pro

Why would new workstations increase productivity?

A new workstation will be faster, less likely to break and more compatible

Are your team using workstations which are pre-2010? If so then they are probably being held back from reaching their potential by the hardware they are using. As machines get older they become slower, it becomes harder to find compatible software, they begin to display hardware or software issues that mean your team spend longer trying to fix problems than they do working.

The Tools: Windows 7 or later PC or Laptop


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