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Richard’s first weeks with Google Apps for Business

Who’s the hero of this story? RichardIngliscropped

This story is about a small business owner like you; Richard Inglis is a Director at Parkview Retail in Southampton with 25 members of staff. Like most business owners, Richard’s normal day is filled to the brim with meetings with employees, suppliers and clients, and as a result, Rich used to leave for the office at 6ish in the morning to be able to access his documents or check employees’ emails before meetings.

Richard realised that leading this lifestyle he had hardly any time for himself and his family so he started to look for a way to improve his flexibility.

What made Richard start using Google Apps for Business?

Having read in our April Newsletter how Google Apps for Business and other Cloud solutions help business owners,  Rich decided to get in touch with us and ask how the service could help his business. A few days later Rich moved across to Google Apps, have his expectations been met?

Rich says…

“Absolutely yes: Google Apps gives me much more flexibility in a way that I can work more from home or from anywhere I am. Gmail works great on a mobile: opening and uploading large attachments is finally possible using the phone, and even more – it is fast! I can access documents and my staff calendars from my home computer and phone.”

“Being able to work from home now I avoid rush hour which saves me at least 1 hour driving a day; some days I don’t have to go to the office at all and I work from home surrounded by my family.”

Automatically updated Google Apps Calendar replaced Outlook Calendar

“I previously used Outlook Calendar which had to be manually updated and synchronised which was always a pain. Switching to Google Calendar has saved me a lot of hassle and I’m no longer stressed that calendar on any computer will go out of sync. My team can update their calendars and all my devices have the latest info wherever I am.”

Richard wanted to boast about his perfectly organised and backed-up Calendar by uploading a little part of it below; each colour refers to a different team member:


 Company Handbook  replaced training documents and papers scattered everywhere

“I’m also using Google Sites where we’ve created  a Handbook which lets us make pages to share internal knowledge; each member of my team created documents providing step by step details on how to perform their daily tasks so that standing in for a person going on holidays will be easier.”

Google mail uploads even large attachments, some 5 times faster!

“My email used to be slow and clunky because of the size of my mails. Now, with 25GB quota my email works really fast and uploading huge attachments is finally possible. Not to mention how important it is that it protects me from spam.”

Get in touch and we will have a chat which areas of your business will flourish when you start using Google Apps:

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