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The top 3 benefits of a professional email address to grow your business

The saying remains true, first impressions are Everything. In the online world your first impression is usually through email as the first thing your potential customer sees is your email address. Using Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, or Gmail for your professional email address hints that you are dealing with either an unprofessional or fraudulent business. In turn, a professional email address, such as offers the following benefits:

1. Builds your brand and promotes business

Every time you send an email, you are advertising your business name and sharing your website address.  Why advertise for Hotmail, Yahoo, or other companies when you could be advertising for yourself?


2. Builds Trust among your existing and potential customers

Do you want your clients to take you serious? People like to do business with trustworthy companies that use an email address that looks official. Have you ever wondered what gives you a professional website? Find the answer in our blog post here.

3. Increases deliverability of your emails

Sending emails to your potential customers can be tricky as spam blockers may assume that your emails are spam or unsafe and your messages will likely be deleted or never opened, especially if you send a high volume of emails. Using a professional email account increases deliverability of your emails by over 50%

Who is going to help you creating your professional email account? ITC-Logo_no_wording

If you have a website

If you already have a website, you should check the features of your current web hosting package as email hosting is usually included in your package. In this case, your next step should be contacting your web hosting provider to find out how to set up email on your existing domain name.

If you don’t have a website

If you don’t currently need a website but would like to have professional email account, the Email only hosting plan is perfect for you. Remember that once you decide that you need a website your Email hosting can easily be upgraded to a full Website hosting plan with your already chosen domain name.

We provide email hosting for as little as £6 a month and you can have up to 3 mailboxes on your chosen name, e.g. sales@yourdomainname ; info@yourdomainname ; accounts@yourdomainname

Still not sure about the next step you should take to create a professional email account?


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