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The winning laptop of CES 2013 show!

Earlier this month we sent you a few tweets about the stars of CES 2013 show in Las Vegas to which you responded with huge enthusiasm! We thought that in this case we must let you know about the winner of the show in the category we know best and which will be most useful for your business – computers.

And the winner is … Lenovo Yoga 11s whose shipping to the UK will start later this year.

Why is this Laptop special?

Its name is not a pure coincidence: with a unique 360° flip facility you can enjoy more flexibility with this super slim Convertible Laptop. Even though this isn’t Lenovo’s first time on the yoga pad as the 13-inch Lenovo Yoga was released last year to very favorable reviews, the appropriately named 11s is a size down and at just 11.6-inches is comfortably small and weighs half as much as a regular laptop so it can tuck in any bag with ease.

What is Yoga flexibility?

The flexible Yoga 11s is ready to bend over backwards at a moments notice. It easily goes from ultrabook to touch-friendly stand mode. Fold it further and it becomes a full on keyboard. However, the keyboard is left exposed on the opposite side. It’s disabled, so when you inevitably hit buttons on accident, it won’t disrupt your experience, but might feel strange at first.

Playful and powerful?

Despite its playful exterior, there’s real processing power available for the Yoga 11s. At the same time, the laptop runs full Windows 8, not RT, which is a limited version of Windows 8, unlike the similarly named Yoga 11 and most of the tablets. In practice it means that the winning laptop is not only perfect for browsing the web but will also support all the programs and applications you use in your small business, such as Office or Google Apps; whereas the tablets running Windows RT will support only the apps that are bundled with the operating system. You can find all you need to know about using Windows 8 in your business in our blog post.

As for pricing, all we have at the moment is the cost of a Core i5 US version: $799.


Functional and flexible, the Lenovo Yoga 11s looks to be just what we want in an ultrabook:

Flexible – can be used in an ultrabook and a tablet mode
Light – weighs half as much as a regular laptop – perfect to travel with you on your business trips
Serious enough to run all your business programs and applications

If Lenovo Yoga 11s sounds like a laptop for you, let us know and when it’s available in the UK we’ll get in touch with you to provide the laptop configured and supported by us:

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