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Thunderbird 3 released

The open source email client, Mozilla Thunderbird has just updated to version 3. The new and improved Thunderbird 3, released two years after the 2nd, boasts a new tab system to manage your email and multiple accounts easily, greater search functionality and a excellent automated email set-up.

Automatic Setup with Thunderbird 3

Automatic Set-up with Thunderbird 3

When first opening Thunderbird, you’ll be asked to enter a name, email address and password. After entering the information required, it will automatically attempt to configure your incoming and outgoing mail server, searching several alternatives until it finds the right one!

Tabbed Email in Thunderbird 3

Tabbed Email in Thunderbird 3

The new search engine is brilliant at finding the email you want in a matter of seconds. You can search your sent items, Inbox for emails from a certain address or within a time frame you choose. The search then opens up in it’s own handy tab.

The Thunderbird team has produced some nice idea’s for their new email client. The automated email set-up is a great idea, although I can see issues with custom email accounts and primarily using IMAP instead of POP.

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