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Top 5 features of a web hosting plan for business

web & email hostingChoosing the right hosting package is one of the most important decisions when you start your website or set up a professional email account.

Our article will explain to you the basics about web and email hosting and provide you with a list of the top 5 features of business web hosting package so you know which plan is best for your business.

The basics of hosting

Let’s start from the beginning! If you want to have your company website published online, in the Internet world, you will need to have a ‘virtual’ space to host it. Such space is provided by the web hosting providers.

Depending on your business needs you can choose from different hosting plans that share a common set of features. It’s essential to know what the most important features are and what they mean, when it comes to selecting the best plan for your website.

We have come up with the 5 most important hosting terms you should understand and look for in the hosting package for your website:

Top 5 web hosting features

Disk Space

Disk space, in its nature, is similar to a hard drive disk (HDD) on your computer or laptop as it refers to the amount of space available for your website files. In most cases you will get more space than you need but it’s the important thing to always check before you choose the hosting package.

Remember that large images, videos, mp3, or any other media will take a lot of your disk space; therefore if you plan to have such files on your website you will need much bigger disk space allowance.


Another important term from the hosting world that you should know and pay attention to is bandwidth. It represents the amount of data website visitors can download, for example, when a visitor comes to your website to see a page, the page will first have to be downloaded to the visitor’s PC. A large web page that contains lots of text and pictures or any other files will take more of your bandwidth than a smaller one.

To put it in a nutshell, bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic your website will be able to receive within a certain period of time, usually a month. However, remember that your email account consumes your bandwidth too.

Have a look at these main factors that will help you to estimate the amount of bandwidth for your website:

  • Traffic to your website – how many visitors your website receives a month
  • Page views – how many pages the visitors view when they browse your website
  • Number of people in your company – it will help to determine the amount that will be consumed from bandwidth as well as disk space by your email accounts. Remember that the more employees, the more emails they will send/receive which will affect both the bandwidth and disk space usage.

Top Tip: If you are a start-up and have no clue about the amount of traffic to your new website start with a smaller package which you can upgrade at any time.

From our experience, our smallest package called Solo (you can see the package details here) is enough for 90% of our customers.

Domain Aliases

A domain alias is an additional domain name pointing to your website. You can read more about domain aliases and why they are useful here


Mailboxes refers to a number of independent/separated mailboxes you are allowed to create on a domain.

Control panel

This feature allows you to control your business hosting and manage your websites from a single place. You can easily make changes to your website, upload files, add domains, create new email addresses, view your hosting allowance and quotas, change your login details, etc.

Here at ITC we provide our customers with the control panel called Dotnetpanel so they can easily maintain their websites. It’s very easy to navigate, user friendly and uses a windows based control panel.

Email HostingEmail Hosting

Email hosting is perfect for those who don’t currently need a website but would still like to take advantage of en email address that is personalised by your chosen domain name (e.g.

Once you decide that you need a website your Email hosting can easily be upgraded to a full website hosting plan with no disruption and no changes to your email systems.

Have a look at our Email Hosting package here. You can also check, using our Free Domain Checker, whether the domain name you would like to register is available.

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