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Top 5 things your PC must have to be productive in 2013!

Would you want to improve your computers’ productivity without investing in expensive hardware? We guess your answer is Yes! And that’s why we’ve written this blog post for you!

We’ve picked free or very affordable software that we use at ITC every day and we can assure you that they save us lots of time and energy! Let’s have a look together at
The Top thing number 1:

Google Apps for business

What is it?
Google Apps for Business is a truly wonderful service offering you synchronised Email, Contacts and Calendar.

And it’s all your small business needs for effective collaboration as the benefits are visible immediately:

– You have instant access to your Email accounts, Calendar & Contacts while you’re out of the office.
– Within your team, you can see each other’s email which might be particularly helpful while you are on holiday as your assistant can keep an eye on your emails
– You have a shared calendar so that you can view yours and your employees’ appointments and notes so that you can easily schedule and manage meetings
– You can access Gmail, Gmail Contacts and Calendar with all your devices: PCs, laptops, phones and tablets
– It’s cost-effective, the investment is only £5 + VAT per user per month
– We configure new settings and migrate all your emails – there is no hassle for you

Find out more benefits of Google Apps for your small business with ITC here.

2. Windows 8

The summary of the second top thing, Windows 8, will be the shortest; Why? Because ‘Windows 8’ and ‘improving your PC productivity’ seem to be synonymous terms!

Windows 8, with all its features, e.g. updating drivers automatically, is just much faster than Windows 7 making your workday more efficient.

You can find a review of Windows 8 in our blog post where Rupert and Andrew talk about their experience with the latest Windows software.

3. Multiple monitors

We can’t imagine our workday without multiple monitors! To prove it,  let me mention a situation that happened when I  joined ITC. On the first day in the office I asked my colleagues: “do I need 2 monitors on my desk?”, after a week the question changed to: “Can I have 3 monitors like Rupert?”.

Also Jeff Atwood, a well-known software developer, recommends using two or three smaller monitors rather than one huge one to speed up doing your daily tasks. To back up Atwood’s words, the hard evidence is presented in the research project on the Microsoft Research site discovering that adding a second display can increase your productivity by up tp 50% in a series of daily tasks that involve cutting-and-pasting or scanning a document for information.

Don’t hestitate to get in touch to find what other tasks you could perform faster using multiple displays or to order a second monitor immediately.

4. Dropbox

How does it work?
Dropbox lets you upload files to the cloud and then synchronise across all your devices: PCs, laptops, phones and tablets.

Why is it so genius?

– You can access your files from any device
– You can work more closely with your team since sharing files is so easy!
– Quick synchronisation: everything is done with a click of the button
– The system works with a wide range of OS platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry
– You can download Dropbox for free

5. Nod32 Version 5

ESET NOD32 Antivirus improves your PC productivity by proactively detecting and eliminating more viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, spyware, phishing, rootkits and other Internet threats than any program available.

Also Nod32′ particular features are designed to maximize your business productivity, for example when full screen applications like presentations are running the software eliminates disruptions from alerts and information windows. And finally, to save your time, the ESET software provides you with daily automatic updates.

Visit our Antivirus website page to see what other unique features of Nod32 can make your life easier.

…. And Top thing number 6 is: ITC Support.

We are always here to provide you immediate help or solve any problem slowing you down. And we do it all to increase your systems’ productivity!
You could enjoy even a greater increase in your PCs efficiency when you start to use our Computer Care Plans.

How does it work?
Your systems will be proactively monitored, managed, fully supported and secured so you can focus on running your business rather than solving IT problems. And even with a basic account you will enjoy Priority Telephone & Remote Support from us.

Get in touch with ITC Southampton to find out how we could increase productivity of your business in particular.

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