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Top 7 IT misconceptions

There are plenty of misconceptions powering this world, just ask Wikipedia! For the most part, misconceptions are inconsequential but we want to make sure that you know the top 7 IT misconceptions that could be harming your business.


1. The cloud is not as secure as my computer!

As IT misconceptions go this is a pretty new one, but then again the cloud is a reasonably new service available to the public. The fact it that the cloud is probably more secure. Double encrypted, end to end, stored in a data centre which has more security protocols and backup procedures than Fort Knox.

2. Deleting a file from my PC means it is gone forever!

There are 2 reasons you delete a file… accidentally or on purpose. If it is an accident then this is very frustrating and if it is on purpose then you want to be sure that it is definitely gone. However, even if your recycle bin has been emptied, hard drives can retain the information. When you delete a file it is the information about where the data was stored on the disk. Similar to crossing out the address on an envelope; the contents are still there but a postman wouldn’t know where to deliver it to. Deleting a file also allows the space where the file once was to be written over. So if you accidentally delete a file the sooner you dig for it the better. If you wipe a drive for a reason, only deleting the files will not cut it!

3. I need a server to store all of my data!
Servers are fantastic for storing data in a central location; it is what they are designed to do! However, it is important to keep in mind that they are not necessarily the best solution for small businesses. They can be overkill and they can also be a very expensive solution. There are numerous solutions which can work better for small businesses. If you would like more information then call us!

4. Macs don’t need AntiVirus!
This is probably one of the most widely held and problematic IT misconceptions. The Mac operating system Mac OS X is the 4th most vulnerable operating system and product available in 2017. Only preceded by Linux Kernel, Android and iPhone OS. It is true that Macs have a lot of inbuilt protection but you still need AntiVirus to ensure your network is protected.

5. All web cookies are dangerous! 
Despite their bad press cookies: cannot contain viruses, cannot access or read your hard drive, cannot access your personal information (such as an email address), cannot send emails or control any functions on your computer.

6. My business is too small to worry about security!
Just because you are unlikely to be specifically targeted by cybercriminals, it does not mean that you do not have to do what you can to protect yourself. There are many cyber attacks that, rather than a sniper approach, they use a scattergun process. Randomly targeting as many emails and networks as they can in the hopes that a few will be unprotected.

7. Turning it off and on again doesn’t really do anything!
It is not a coincidence that turning technology off and on again is the first port of call when trying to fix an issue. It does actually resolve a lot of issues; this is not witchcraft! Your PC is running a lot of programs and because there are so many actions you can do in so many possible orders and as often as you want, there is no way for a computer programmer to test all of these possible combinations and you may cause an interaction between programs that they did not foresee.

Resetting your computer brings your programs back to a known state that the programmer is more likely to have tested well.

Did you find that you held any of these misconceptions?
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