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How to uninstall programs you don’t need

It is important to ensure that unused programs, applications and plugins are uninstalled from your machine. Here we tell you how to do this.

How to uninstall programs in Windows

To to the Control Panel

Select Programs > Programs and Featureswindows

You will see a list of the programs installed on your machine.

Select the program you would like to uninstall and click the Uninstall button which appears beside Organize.

You will be asked ‘Are you sure you want to uninstall [program]?‘ at this point review and select the Yes button.


macxHow to uninstall programs on a OSX (Mac)

Programs are typically stored in the /Applications directory. This can be found by going to the Go dropdown and selecting Applications

Right click on the application you would like to get rid of and select Move to Trash

Clear your Trash can by right clicking on the trash can and selecting Empty Trash


How to uninstall a browser plugin

To uninstall a browser plugin you will need to access the Uninstall or Change Program section as before. You can search for the plugin you wish to remove and click remove. The only way to ensure you are not vulnerable to exploit is to properly uninstall the plugin from your PC.

However, if you would not like to uninstall them just yet you can disable them using the browser specific guides below.


chromeHow to disable a plugin for Google Chrome

Type chrome://plugins into Chrome’s address bar and press Enter on your keyboard

You will be shown a list of all the plugins on your browser

Click disable for the ones you would not like to use any more. Ensure that the Always allowed to run checkbox is unchecked.



firefoxHow to disable Mozilla Firefox plugins

Go to Menu (in Firefox)

Click Addons and then select Plugins

Click the Disable button for the plugins you do not need.


internetexplorerHow to disable an Internet Explorer plugin

Click the Cog wheel in the top right of the browser

Select Manage Add-ons

Most plugins are under the Toolbars and Extensions Add-on Type
Under Show click the dropdown and select All add-ons

Select the item you would like to disable and then click the Disable button in the bottom right


If you would like help identifying programs which should be uninstalled then please contact our team now!

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