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Updates are important and here is why

New Windows Security Flaw

Microsoft’s Chief of Windows, Terry Myerson, has acknowledged that an unpatched flaw in the Windows operating system is being exploited to infect PCs and gain access to potentially sensitive data.

Myerson has accused a group of hackers called Strontium (aka APT28 and Fancy Bear) of being the primary suspects in exploiting the unpatched flaw. Microsoft is currently working on security patch which will fix the issue and they hope to be able to release it next week. They have also acknowledged that customers using both Windows 10 and the Edge web browser should be safe but others remain at risk.

Once a security flaw such as this has been publicised the risk of it being exploited grows exponentially as it notifies other hackers of the opening.


Updates are there to protect you

This is why updates are so important. Often they are there to protect you not just to annoy you and get in the way of your working day. Many people will put off updates for their operating systems or applications until they cannot put them off anymore. However, this means that many individuals and businesses are making a decision to leave themselves vulnerable without knowing it.

So, next time you hit postpone on a system or application update consider what you could be leaving yourself and your company open to.


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