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Upgrading to Windows 10

Only 3 months left to claim your free Windows 10 upgrade. We recommend that when performing a Windows 10 upgrade it should be done on a fresh install to ensure a smooth transition to a Windows 10 operating system. This process is very important to us as it could save you and your business from a great deal of stress!

The Process

  1. Assess eligibility (see here)
  2. Take a full backup of the data on the machine
  3. Perform system wipe
  4. Reinstall Operating System and Updates
  5. Data restoration
  6. Reinstallation of software (providing codes and disks are supplied)

It is important that each of these steps is taken in this order and performed correctly otherwise you could be left with a poorly functioning machine.

To ensure that your upgrade to Windows 10 is seamless we are offering you a Fixed Price Windows 10 ‘Upgrade’.

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