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What can we expect from Windows 10?

When Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 were released they were not wholly well received by the general public, some have grown to love it and some are consistently frustrated by the differences between previous Windows operating systems and 8/8.1 versions. So it could be said that Windows 10 has both a lot to live up to and a lot to make up for. Windows 10 is due to hit the UK market this year so I am here to tell you what you can expect.


Windows 10 at a glance

Rumored and confirmed features:

  • Windows 10 will be a free for Windows 7/8/8.1 users for a year after launch.
  • Main features include: Cortana, brand new browser, Xbox integration, DirectX 12 and Windows Holographic.
  • Windows 10 will be available for many devices; desktop PCs, laptops, Xbox One and tablets.
  • The ‘Start’ button is back!


Free for previous Windows OS users?

One thing that we are being asked about regularly is if the rumors that Windows 10 is free for previous Windows users. It has been confirmed that Windows 10 will be free for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices that upgrade in the first year.

Say goodbye to Internet Explorer?

iedeathIn recent years Internet Explorer has fallen out of favour with many PC users with many people choosing to use Firefox or Chrome instead. Microsoft have announced that with Windows 10 will be the release of their new Browser Spartan which will not be replacing (contrary to popular belief) but joining Internet Explorer on your task bar. Spartan will include features such as the ability to mark up webpages before sharing them with others and to comment on those pages at the software level, built-in offline reading and PDF support and Cortana.

Xbox app, what’s the fuss?

Microsoft will also be expanding your Xbox experience with the Xbox App. With the Xbox One App you will be able to:

  • Stream Xbox One Games on your machine
  • Enable multiplayer functionality (one person can be playing on your Xbox and another on your Windows 10 machine)
  • Record, edit and share your gameplay
  • See what your friends are playing, chat, share gameplay clips and track achievements.

The integration of Xbox and Windows 10 shows a kind of cross over between console and PC gaming that we haven’t really seen before so it will be interesting to see how it works.

Virtual desktops

Virtual desktops have been a feature in Linux and Mac for a while but Windows 10 will bring with it ‘Task View” located in the Taskbar and it allows you to hit the Windows button +TAB to swap between desktops, which are displayed on the bottom of the display. This means you can have a work screen (word documents and emails), a project screen (task lists and Excell) and a home screen (music and Facebook) or any combination that works for you. This function is designed to help you group your tasks and therefore increase your productivity. People who use dual screens will already know the benefits of having multiple displays and this feature is designed to facilitate a similar way of working for those with just one screen.

Snap Snaps with Snap Assist

Snap is a feature that many Windows users are already aware of (if you’re not open a screen of any kind, press and hold the Windows key and the left or right arrow to snap that screen to the left or the right of your display). However, Windows 10 promises a feature called Snap Assist which enables you to have up to 4 applications open per screen meaning that clicking between screens or viewing 2 or more windows at once becomes less of a task. Snap Assist is also pretty smart as onceyou have snapped one application on your screen it will suggest other similar windows which you might also want to snap!


So Windows 10 looks pretty promising to us and we are looking forward to testing the final version when it is released so that we can advise and provide the best support for this new OS.





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