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What Tom has recently done to speed up your computers.

Tom joined us in February as an IT technician apprentice and he’s clearly gained a lot of experience since then. Have a look how Tom helped our customers run their computers much faster to ensure their systems never slow them down.


Helping Charles with a slow computer

At the beginning of July, Charles, our customer, contacted us with a following IT issue: he noticed that after he had installed Adobe Reader his computer started running much slower.

It was Tom who committed himself to dealing with the problem, so Charles, for his own convenience, was asked for permission to connect to his computer remotely.  Tom started with removing toolbars and other unused programs, and was very right to go ahead with Malware scan as it detected a few issues which had slowed Charles’ computer down and they were all fixed by Tom in half an hour. As a consequence, Charles was so happy about his computer running much faster again that he asked Tom to have a look at his other computer in order to improve its performance too 🙂

Assisting Jen with a VERY slow laptop

Tom has been unofficially appointed our Speed Guru as not long after fixing Charles’ issue Tom was assigned another task to ensure our customer’s systems work at their maximum performance. This time Jen told us about her frustration as her laptop worked much slower than it used to and she felt like wasting her time while waiting for it to respond. Having carried out an initial review of the situation Tom suggested that Jen’s computer needs a comprehensive treatment – 18 steps speeding up Jen’s computer. We’ve all decided that the key achievements from conducting MOT & Tune up on Jen’s laptop are:

Tom’s quick detection of Jen computer’s problem & fixing the issues slowing it down
At least 30% faster laptop
= Happy Jen saying “Now my laptop waits for me, not the other way round!”

If your computer lets you down, remember you can always turn to us and we’ll help you bring its old powers back quickly, professionally, ensuring Crystal-Clear Pricing. Call us on 02380 249820.


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